Remember the 1991 Gulf war? I wrote a  poem
just before it began. For more obnoxious poetry see the web site of my friend  Alex ,
click  here for a representative example.
Somehow the situation today  seems far less poetic, or maybe I just feel this way
because I am 12 years older, who knows? Oh, well, I finally wrote one  just to let the
steam out, it is not as good as the one of 1991. Don't read if you don't like strong language.
Here is a  quote to contemplate at this sad time. And  here  is a bit more humorous perspective.
New words for Beatles' Sgt. Pepper, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Stalingrad battle
and colored by the recent war in Iraq. Alex added the proper music  to the rhymes, enjoy.
Did you know that "oil led farce"  is an anagram of  "allied force"? More anagrams  here.