To my HSSP students:

Want more practice in differentiation and integration? Go  here.
 Another fun math link  Yet another one  that Jeremy Smith, teaching C-01 and C-04
found useful. It contains a classical treatment of calculus, I suggest that you get right
to techniques of differentiation and to integration and return  to  sequences, series,
continuity and limits later. You can get some explanations of a bunch of sample
problems and type in some of your own to be solved and explained by Mathematica.
$10 will buy you a more extensive access. Take a look.
Do dogs know Calculus? There is some  evidence to it.
You have to promise me that you will not use Calculus to make weapons.
Want more math links? I'll put them here when I find them.
    This is a nice  article  about conceptualization in mathematics by Keith Devlin,
it's one of the monthly columns at the  web site  of  Mathematical Association of America.
It describes the shift of emphasis in mathematics from solving concrete problems to
understanding  mathematical concepts, that took place about 1850. Reading this article
may help you understand the direction of our class: from specific examples and
problems towards general concepts and methods. Don't worry if you don't understand
some technicalities, the ideas are simple enough (I hope).
Calculus text based on A.Robinson's infinitesimals is available as a pdf file, take a look.
    Keep an eye on  lectures and events listed in  the Calendar of  Harvard University Gazette .

The slides for my talk at MathFest on Friday (August) 13 2004 

The problem sets for Summer 2004 are here  

You can also take a look at some of the homework problems from Spring 2003.